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Imagine it is your day off. You feel tired of your daily routine and don’t have any idea how to spend your weekend. What can be better than changing your car or annoying subway for the bike to make a little trip with your friends in the forest or down by the river? Bicycles always were a wonderful substitution to all types of transport. The positive traits of this kind of transport are the following: it is ecologically clean, good for your health, a great way to forget about traffic jams, etc. There are many people who prefer such transport more. Are you one of them? Then we are happy to introduce you the community of the people who consider the bikes as their hobby and lifestyle – we are a team of experienced bicycle lovers and specialists e in the world of bikes and their accessories.

If you‘re looking for the best bike or can’t choose the best accessories – we are here to assist you, share our experience and knowledge with the help of a review on different things, and make your searches easy and fun!

What Will You Find Here Soon?

Our community has already compared many bicycles and made a review for each. We promise you that our site will soon become the best info resource for bicycle lovers that provides a comprehensive review of everything you want to learn! But while we are getting things ready, here is a little list of the information we will bring to soon, including the different sorts of bicycles:

  • Road bike – this is an ultimate type of bicycle for daily use in the city or for a ride in flat terrain. Generally, it has a simple construction. It is perfect for urban conditions (which are common all around the world) and it is adapted to the ride in any type of clothes and during almost any weather.
  • Mountain bike – it is designed for off-road riding (but it does not exclude it), and as a result, has a special design that is different from road and track models. Its weight is from 9 to 19 kg.
  • Indoor bike – it is a great way to be in a shape staying at home. This is the best solution for those who do not have too much time to go for a long trip around the city; the indoor bicycle also has a therapeutic use and is good for increasing the stamina.
  • Hybrid – this type’s design is a mix of the mountain and a road model. However, a hybrid has an electric motor that provides the movement partially or completely.
  • Single speed – this kind is quite popular all around the globe and is used for various purposes; basically, this is a type of a bicycle that has a single gear ratio, such as BMX or children models.
  • Bicycles for beginners – this type is designed just for newbies. These bikes can have additional wheels, etc.
  • Cylocross – it’s a model designed for cross-country racing that includes rides through forests and open areas with barriers.
  • Gravel bike – this is a model, which is directly related to the racing on the gravel road which also equipped with disc brakes.
  • Recumbent – is a type of a bicycle that allows you to ridе in lying position. This model is usually faster than a classic one.
  • Fat tire – these differ from the others because of the exclusive possibilities they provide to you: it can deal with any surfaces, such as snow, sand, high grass, and dirt. You can ride everywhere on this model!

Parts & Accessories

Now we can choose between different parts and accessories for bicycles to improve the riding experience; the market is full of different pumps, locks, and lights that increase the safety while on the road or parked.  We can customize the bike by installing the high-quality tires, wheels, and pedals in order to ride safer, faster, and have the optimal biking experience no matter where and when. Also, we can feel free to choose the seats and computers. This will help to feel the comfort while riding. If we want to descend the mountain we can choose the most appropriate dropper post to avoid the crashes and transfer the power when it’s needed. There are many good options for those who like to make some statistics or to stay indoors and ride a bike, and, happily, we have different bicycle trainers and rollers that let us always stay in shape.


Why do we need to think of the clothing? Why does it matter? First of all, cycling clothes can provide you with the best riding experience if you chose the right because it should be comfortable, light, and not restrain your movement. There are many different types and brands of clothes exactly for cycling that we will discuss, including different kinds of:

  • Helmets;
  • Gloves;
  • Rain jacket;
  • Shoes;
  • Shorts;

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