Top Best Mountain Bicycle under 200 Review 2019

mountain bikeFinding the best cheap mountain bike under $200 that suits your needs is not easy. This is because you need to consider your height, riding style, and flexibility, in addition to ensuring the bike is cheap and has the best features.

Mountain bikes are available in various sizes – small, medium, and large respectively. To find the best mountain bike, you need to know your size.  Once you know your size, you still have to compare it with the manufacturer’s size chart to know which bike to buy. You, however, need not worry about all this!

In this post, we will guide you on how to choose the best mountain bicycle under $200. We will show you what to look for as you go shopping and help identify the one that suits your biking needs. Moreover, we’ve reviewed some of the cheapest mountain bicycles we consider ideal for you.

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What to Look Out for in a Mountain Bicycle under 200

Below are some of the features you need to consider when figuring out which mountain bicycle fits your needs perfectly.

Type of Mountain Bicycle

mountain bike under 200

Which type of mountain bicycle do you intend to buy? The sooner you know the mountain bicycle you want, the faster it is to choose the best. Mountain bike styles are influenced by different riding styles and the materials used to make them.

Here are the different mountain bike styles.

Trail Bikes: These are the most common since their design is not influenced by any biking style. You can use this bicycle to meet various biking needs like racing up the hills, descents, or meeting friends at the local trailhead.

Moreover, these bicycles feature suspension and head-tube angle of 120-140mm and 67-69° respectively.

trail mountain bike

Cross-Country Bikes: If you prefer fast riding with a blend of higher climbing ability, this mountain bicycle might be your preferred pick. Cross-Country bikes tend to emphasis on efficiency and lightweight to enhance its fast riding capabilities.

With these bikes, you can get competitive with your friends on the local trails confidently. These bikes come with 80-100mm of suspension travel and 70-71° head-tube angle.

cross-country bike

Fat Bikes: Do you like biking in a snowy or sandy terrain but find biking on these surfaces difficult? The challenge may just go away if you choose a cheap but good mountain bicycle built for this terrain.

Typically, when biking on these terrains, you need superior traction and tires ranging from 3.7” to 5” plus.

fat mountain bike


All-Mountain Bikes: These low priced mountain bicycles are designed to handle steep descents while being light and agile enough for better uphill pedaling. If you intend to bike on longer and scarier descents and make bigger leg-burning climbs or just want a bicycle for fitness purposes, these are the ones to choose.

They are designed with 140-170mm of suspension travel and 65-68° head-tube angle.

all-mountain bike

Park/Downhill Bikes: These cheap mountain bicycles are tough, big, and require riders to put on full-face helmets as well as body armor since they are prone to frequent jumps and berms.

If you want a bicycle to ride at lift-serviced bike parks, then here is your choice.

They feature 170-200mm and above suspension travel and 63-65° head-tube angle.


Mountain bike frame materials

downhill mountain bike

The material a bicycle is made from directly influences the bicycle’s durability, strength, weight, price, and the overall riding quality.

An inexpensive mountain bike frame is commonly made from an Aluminum alloy material.

frame materials of mountainc bikeSteel is also used to manufacture budget mountain bicycles. It’s tough and offers a smooth ride even though it’s relatively heavier than other materials used. Although titanium makes the lightest bicycle frame, it’s expensive.

Carbon fiber is a relatively common material that is used on fat bikes, all-mountain bicycles, cross-country bikes, and high-end tail bikes owing to its strength and relatively low weight. Nonetheless, it’s quite expensive.

Which Suspension Setup Should I Choose for My Mountain Bike?

Suspension is one of the major features that determines the terrain the mountain bike can comfortably handle.

To answer this question, here are the suspension setups a mountain bicycle may come with.

Rigid: Even though a rigid suspension is not common for a cheap men’s mountain bicycle, they are simple and easy to maintain and quite affordable.

However, it’s favored by most riders due to its excellent comfort.

It’s mostly featured in fat bikes since wider tires with low pressure offer a good squish that is required to absorb bumps encountered on local trails.

rigid mountain bike

Hardtail: With this, the front fork is suspended to assist with the absorption of impact on the front wheel while the rear wheel has no suspension whatsoever.

Hardtail Suspension Mountain bikes are relatively cheap compared to full-suspension mountain bikes and feature fewer moving parts.

Hardtail suspension is featured on cross-country bicycles because it enables a direct power transfer from the pedal to the rear wheel. This suspension is also common for all-mountain trails. Due to their low maintenance and cost, they make a great option for downhill and lift-serviced trails.


Full Suspension: Full Suspension mountain bicycles come with many variations although the general idea is the front shaft and the rear shock absorbs the impacts of the trail. As such, these bicycles have a low impact on the rider, improved traction, and are more forgiving to make a smooth and comfortable ride.

A full suspension mountain bicycle is ideal at soaking up numerous trail bumps and but can also bob a little leading to the rider losing energy during uphill climbing. Moreover, most full suspension bicycles have the ability to lock-out the rear suspension to provide sufficient power transfer for more efficient uphill climbing.


Gears and Shifters: Which types does a Mountain Bike have?

full suspension mountain bike

If you can’t figure out the number of gears you want in the mountain bicycle you intend to buy, simply consider your physical aptness and the terrain which you will be biking. If you intend to ride on hilly regions, you’ll need more gears to reduce exhaustion during climbing. Fewer gears are ideal for flatter terrain.

mountain's bike gearIn most cases, mountain bicycles come with 2 or 3 chainrings that provide a variety of gears for easy climbing. Mountain bicycles with one chainring that has a wider variety of cassettes like 9, 10, or 11 cogs are becoming popular today. This is because these bicycles are lighter and simpler because they come fitted with one shifter that allows easy gear transitions on the cassette.

It is imperative to note, however, you can remove or even add your preferred number of gears to your bicycle after purchase.

Which Brakes are on Mountain Bikes?

Today, disc brakes have replaced the traditional rim brakes on all entry-level mountain bicycles. They come with brake pads that are responsible for gripping onto the brake rotor that is mounted to the wheel hub. There are two kinds of disc brakes.

  • Hydraulic: These disc brakes provide a more advanced and stronger braking capability even with the least braking effort. They also provide self-adjusting pad wear.
  • Cable activated: Also, referred to as mechanical brakes, they require manual modification as the pads wear.

Disc_Brake of mountain bikeDisc brakes provide superior performance in wet and steeper terrain and are affordable when replacing the worn rotor. However, they are difficult to service as well as inspecting pad wear and replacement.

Rim_Brake of mountain bike

Rim brakes are common in entry-level bicycles. They feature pads that grip onto the  rims. Rim brakes are cost-effective and simple to inspect pad wear and easy to replace.

However, they wear out the rims requiring you to replace the wheel. They also provide less stopping power and are less effective in muddy or wet conditions since they require more hand effort.



Which Size Wheels for Mountain Bike?

Not long ago, all women’s and men’s mountain bikes came equipped with 26” wheels. Even though it’s still available, other wheel sizes have been introduced to the market. As a result, it’s advisable to know the size that suits you when buying a mountain bicycle. Apart from the standard 26”, here are other wheel sizes available for you.

Tire_size_mountain bike

27.5”: This provides a middle base between the 26” and 29”. The size provides better rolling on terrain than 26” and more maneuverable than the 29”. Moreover, they are available in full and hardtail suspension mountain bicycles.

29”: These are quite efficient for long distance rides due to their ability to maintain momentum and roll over terrain obstacles easily. Although they are slower to accelerate, they can take on terrain faster and easier than a 26”. This wheel size is common in cross-country mountain bicycles as well as in full suspension and hardtail models.

27.5” + : The + symbol shows that these are extra-wide wheels and tires with an extra 2.8” in width. These extra tires provide not only a more comfortable and forgiving ride, but also less rolling resistance due to the wide tread on the tires.

24”: This wheel size is for a kids’ mountain bicycle because it accommodates shorter children legs. Some of the best cheap men’s mountain bikes also feature this wheel size.

What Size Mountain Bike do I need?

The sizing of a mountain bicycle is based on your height. For you to get a reasonable budget mountain bicycle, you have to measure your height and then compare it to the manufacturer’s measurements. Women’s mountain bikes should have narrower handlebars and a smaller frame size.

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Top-10 Best Mountain Bike under 200

PicturesBike NameKey FeaturesCheck Price
Kent KZ2600 Dual-SuspensionGears: 27
Frame: Aluminum
TRINX M136 Mountain BikeGears: 21
Frame: Alloy
Huffy 21 Speed Mountain Bike ExxoGears: 21
Frame: Aluminum
Merax FalconGears: 21
Frame: Aluminum
Genetic Kent KZRGears: 21
Murtisol mountain bikeGears: 21
Roadmaster granite peakGears: 18
Frame: Steel
Murtisol Aluminum Hybrid Bike 27.5’’Gears: 18
Frame: Steel
Stowabike 26” dual suspensionGears: 18
Frame: Steel
Huffy 21 Speed Mountain Bike ExxoGears: 7
Frame: Aluminum

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1. Kent KZ2600 – Best Full Suspension Bicycle under 200

OMAAI is entirely engaged with providing excellent mountain bicycles with premium quality that offers maximum satisfaction. The Omaai mountain bike is built with a lightweight aluminum alloy frame and hardtail suspension. The aluminum frame makes it a classic mountain bicycle for riding with comfort and less shoulder and back pain.

It comes with a 27-speed ultra-smooth shifter that gives you an unmatched riding experience. If you need a regular mountain bicycle for adventure, then this might be a great choice.

Moreover, this all-terrain bicycle comes with high-quality full suspension and a 26” mountain tires that sit on lightweight yet durable alluminum alloy for extra-stability. This is a perfect choice for rocky mountain and country road terrains.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Type: All-mountain terrain
  • Frame: Lightweight and durable aluminum alloy
  • Suspension: Full Suspension
  • Gear & Shifters: 27 Speed with smooth shifting
  • Brakes: Disc for efficient braking
  • Wheels & Tires: 26” for stability
  • Size: Standard 26” size

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Wide tires for better traction

  • Maybe noisy
  • Poor quality pedals


If you need a mountain bike that guarantees you solid support and a comfortable ride on different terrain, this might be a great pick.

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2. TRINX M136 – Best Cheap Mens Mountain Bike in 2019

This Trinx mountain bike comes with an Aluminum frame that makes it light and considerably durable. It features full suspension travel for decreased trail impact, hence a smooth ride.

The 26” wide tires mount to a double walled rim alloy for great traction as well as comfortable riding capability. The tires also provide unmatched stability as you roll over uneven mountain terrain.

It comes with 21-speeds that are conveniently changed with  Shimano EF65 shifters. For easy stoppage, this mountain bicycle is equipped with Trinix alloy mechanical disc brakes.

Key features and Benefits

  • Type: Cross-Country
  • Frame: Lightweight aluminum
  • Suspension: Full suspension
  • Gear & Shifter: 21 Speed and smooth Shimano shifters
  • Brakes: Mechanical disc
  • Wheel & Tires: 26” wide tires for traction
  • Size: 17” inch

  • Easy to use Shimano shifter
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Wide tires for added traction

  • Not easy to assemble
  • Fringe components are plastic


This is the best full suspension bicycle that comes with high-end features yet at an affordable cost slightly below $200.

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3. Huffy Mountain Bike Summit Ridge – Best Aluminum Mountain Bike under 300 for Men

The Havoc full suspension men’s mountain bicycle is designed to offer a stable and smooth fun ride. It features 21-speeds and a 3 piece high performing crank that makes it ideal for men who want to explore a wide biking experience.

It comes with aluminum frames that are lightweight and durable. Owing to its full suspension and fork design, you will definitely have smooth rides regardless of the rough mountainous terrain.

The wheel and tires are 26 inches wide, offering better stability to keep up with the rough use.

Key features and benefits

  • Type: All-Mountain bicycle
  • Frame: Lightweight Aluminum
  • Suspension: Full suspension with fork
  • Gears & Shifter: 21 Speeds with twist grip
  • Brakes: Disc brakes for easy braking
  • Wheel & Tires: 26-inch for great traction
  • Size: 17-inch

  • Durable and lightweight
  • Smooth easy rides
  • Comfortable padded seat

  • Lower speed


If you want a durable and sturdy affordable mountain bike with aluminum suspension, this could be your preferred choice.

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4. Merax Falcon – Dual Suspension Bike with 21 Speed Shimano

The Merax Falcon dual suspension mountain bike is hand-picked and tested for quality to ensure it offers the best riding experience it is designed for. It comes 85% assembled, thus you will have to partially assemble it by the manual guide.

It’s full suspension offers a softer riding experience because the forks absorb the impact exerted on the front as well as the rear. With 21 speeds and quick shifters, you will be able to comfortably roll over flat surfaces with ease.

It also features an aluminum frame that ensures this mountain bike is light and durable. The high-grade rubber gripped handlebars and a natural contouring seat provides the required comfort every rider wants.

Key features and benefits

  • Type: Downhill bicycle
  • Frame: Lighter and durable aluminum
  • Suspension: Full Suspension for a comfortable ride
  • Brakes: Mechanical alloy
  • Gears &Shifter: 21-speeds and easy to move shifters
  • Wheel & Tire: 26” diameter for stability
  • Size: 17”

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable ride with wide tires
  • High-grade rubber handlebars

  • Detailed instruction manual


The Merax Falcon is specially designed for people who want the comfort and smooth ride that comes with a dual suspension bike but at an affordable price.

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5. Genetic Kent KZR – Cheapest Women’s Mountain Bike under 200

The Genetic Kent KZR is a hardtail women’s mountain bike that comes with excellent features you need for mountain trails, but at the cheapest price.

It comes with a lightweight aluminum frame with full suspension and a fork that takes care of the bumpy trail. It features 21-speed Shimano gears that are easily shifted on the derailleur using Shimano quick shifters.

When your riding gets out of control, this bike is equipped with a front cable disc brake and a rear pull handbrake that provides high stopping power. You, therefore, can comfortably explore your hilly neighborhood with this comfortable mountain bike.

Key features and Benefits

  • Type: Cross-country Bicycle
  • Frame: lightweight aluminum
  • Suspension: Full suspension for a comfortable ride
  • Gears & Shifter: 21-speeds with Shimano shifters
  • Brakes: Front disc and rear mechanical alloy brakes
  • Wheels & Tires: 26-inches for greater traction
  • Size: 16-inch

  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Great for women between 5’2” and 5’7”

  • May come with a defective tube
  • Long front valve


If you are looking for a great women’s mountain bike but at the cheapest price, the Genetic Kent KRZ is your preferred choice.

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6. Murtisol Aluminum Mountain Bike 27.5’’ – Top-Rated Mountain Bike under 200

This is a top rated mountain bicycle that is not only cheap but also capable of offering ultimate comfort and reliability.

It comes with a high-quality steel frame that ensures stability and durability. The flexible dual disc brakes are ideal for maximum braking and controlling ability.

It features wider tires that have a simple and generous designed tread for stability and extra-traction.

Key features and benefits

  • Type: Cross-country bicycle
  • Frame: Durable steel
  • Suspension: Full Suspension for comfortable riding
  • Gears & Shifter: 21-speed and easy shifting system
  • Brakes: Dual disc for high stopping power
  • Wheels & Tire: 26-Inch for better traction
  • Size: 17-inch

  • High-quality mountain bicycle
  • Very durable with a steel frame
  • Stable
  • Easy to assemble

  • Front disk brakes bend Easily


If you are looking for a durable and sturdy steel frame mountain bike, the Murtisol offers an excellent model that comes with dual disc brakes for maximum stopping power.

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7. Roadmaster Granite Peak – Best Affordable Womens Mountain Bike

The Roadmaster Granite Peak is an excellent all-around women’s bike that is ideal for uneven trails. It comes with a sporting steel frame and front suspension that makes it perfect for a comfortable ride and to navigate through rugged terrain.

The 24-inch tires provide maximum traction and stability as you roll through mountainous trails. It also comes with 18-speeds that are easily shifted by a twist shifter for a better riding experience.

Key features and Benefits

  • Type: Trail Bicycle
  • Frame: Durable steel frame
  • Suspension: Hardtail for a comfortable ride
  • Gear & Shifter: 18 speed and twist shifters
  • Brakes: Mechanical alloy braking system
  • Wheel & Tire: 24-Inch with durable alloy rims
  • Size: 16-Inch

  • Durable steel frame and alloy rims
  • Comfortable and easy to navigate
  • Heavy-weight for extra-stability
  • Great for short women

  • Permanently engaged brakes


The Roadmaster granite peak is especially designed for women who want a sizable mountain bike for a reasonably cheap price.

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8. Murtisol Mountain Bike 27.5’’ – Cheapest Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The GTM mountain bike is the cheapest aluminum frame bicycle with full suspension in this review. It’s easy to assemble as it comes with the relevant assembly tools and an assembly manual.

It features 26-inch tires and alloy rims that provide stability and comfortable riding on rugged mountain trails. With 18 speeds and an easy and accurate shifting system, you can be sure to enjoy the ultimate riding experience.

Key features and benefits

  • Type: Cross-country Bicycle
  • Frame: Lightweight Aluminum
  • Suspension: Full suspension for a comfortable ride
  • Gear & Shifter: 18 Speeds
  • Brakes: Mechanical alloy brake system
  • Wheel & Tire: 26 Inch for better traction
  • Size: 17 inch

  • Easy to assembly
  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight

  • Not as advertised
  • Not durable


This cheapest aluminum mountain bike with full suspension is ideal for those looking for a fashionably designed bike for comfortable riding.

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9. Stowabike 26” Dual Suspension – Best Low Price Mountain Bike

Stowabike features dual suspension and a collapsable high-quality steel frame. It comes with all steel components that make it durable.

The steel v- brakes provide maximum stopping power whenever the bike is out of control or you want to stop. It comes with 18-speeds that are easily shifted with a 3-speed grip shifter for a better riding experience.

Overall, this mountain bike is strong, stable, and highly durable.

Key features and Benefits

  • Type: Trail bicycle
  • Frame: Durable steel frame
  • Suspension: Dual Suspension
  • Gear & Shifter: 18 speed
  • Brakes: Steel v-brakes-mechanical alloy
  • Wheel & tire: 26-Inch for great traction
  • Size: 22-inch

  • Quality and durable
  • Good quality tires
  • Easy to fold

  • Poor assembly instructions
  • Low-quality seat and pedals


Stowabike is ideal for those looking for the best low price mountain bike with a durable and sturdy frame for comfortable riding.

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10. Huffy 21 Speed Mountain Bike Exxo – Best Full Suspension Folding Mountain Bike

The GTM 26” Mountain bike is a lightweight bike that is convenient to fold and can be utilized on various terrain. It comes with larger 26-inch tires that provide stability and comfort when riding.

The steel frame enables easy control of the crank and brings stability to the bike. The full suspension is equipped with a fork for comfortable handling of bumpy trails. It features 7-speeds and mechanical v-brakes that offer higher stopping power.

Key features and Benefits

  • Type: Cross-country Bicycle
  • Frame: Durable steel frame
  • Suspension: Full Suspension for a comfortable ride
  • Gear & Shifter: 7 Speeds
  • Brakes: Mechanical alloy braking system
  • Wheel & Tire: 26-inch
  • Size: 26-inch folding steel frame

  • Foldable
  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Full suspension with fork

  • Low-quality bicycle


This GTM model is for those who want a foldable full suspension mountain bicycle at an affordable price.

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What You Need to Know about Mountain Bicycles?

mountain bike under 200


We have a few considerations you need to know about mountain bicycles. We’ve gathered frequently asked questions, and here we give you the answers.


How fast can you go on a mountain bike?

How fast you can go depends on your fitness and the condition of the terrain. However, the average speed clocks in around 16 mph.

How much does a mountain bike weigh?

A mountain bicycle can weigh 27 to 28 pounds on average. However, the most important aspect when considering a mountain bicycle’s weight is to look at the weight of the rider.

Are mountain bikes good for commuting?

Mountain bicycles are engineered for commuting on rock and harsh terrains. They are usually designed with their handlebars in upright position and with lower gears for easy pedaling on uneven surfaces and mountainous terrain.

How do you measure a mountain bicycle’s suspension?

To measure mountain bicycle’s suspension, you should follow the following instructions.

  • Find the top seat tube
  • Find the center of the bottom bracket – where the axle holds the crank
  • Measure the distance between the two points – the length of the seat tube
  • Note your measurement in centimeters and inches
  • Check your bicycle’s size from the manufactures rider height chart

How to use gears on a mountain bicycle?

Here are the basic tips of using gears

  • Use your left hand when shifting front gears
  • Use your right hand when shifting rear gears
  • Gear down to allow easier pedaling, more torque but less top speed.
  • Gear up to make pedaling harder with less torque but higher top speed.
  • To have smooth shifting, practice regularly up and down on a flat area
  • Ensure you only shift when pedaling forward

How to ride a mountain bicycle?

If you are a beginner, you should follow these biking tips.

  • Keep cool and loose on the bicycle
  • Maintain your momentum
  • Shift your weight depending on your terrain
  • Apply your brake softly
  • Be sure to use all the gears
  • Be sure to set your suspension
  • Lastly, you should look where you’re going

How to clean a mountain bicycle?

Washing your mountain bicycle is easy when you follow these tips.

  • First, rinse the bicycle to remove loose dirt
  • Use a sponge or soft cloth with cold water to clean
  • Ensure to clean plastic parts with a soft cloth dampened in a mild detergent and water
  • Rinse your mountain bicycle with clean water and oil the chain.

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What is the Best Cheap Mountain Bike?

After considering all the factors, our best choice for best cheap mountain bike under 200 is the Speedometer mountain bike from Omaai. This mountain bicycle comes with top-notch features that make it superior to the other reviewed products. It’s built with lightweight aluminum, high-quality suspension, 26-inch wide tires for better traction, and durable alloy wheels.

best mountain bike inder 200 Omaai mountain bike SpeedometerWhat’s more, it comes with 27 gears that provide a better riding experience with a wide-range of gears. This makes it the best cheap mountain bike under 200 in this review. You can check out other great products that will be available soon.

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