Best Hybrid Bicycle under 300

Like most people, you have probably tried to look for the best hybrid bikes under 300 for some lazy afternoon rides but failed to get an optimal choice. It does not have to be a daunting process anymore.

Today, we feature 3 of the best hybrid bikes under 300, both classic and sport bikes, for both sexes to help you make an informed decision when looking for a great bike.

In this article, I will tell you more about hybrid bicycles, their top features, and how they benefit you. I’ve reviewed the top hybrid bikes under 300, and answer some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help you choose the option that suits your needs.

Good hybrid bikes combine the superior features of a mountain bike and the fast thin wheels of road bikes with a great seat and shocks, making them strong and easy to use. They come designed specially to provide better traffic view, top of the range brakes for easy braking in any terrain, among other amazing features.

Since hybrid bikes differ from one another, it is important to select one that suits all your riding needs. The bikes can be used by both men and women aged from 14 years depending on the size of the bike.

They are ideal for a range of activities including riding on a bike path, going to work, grocery shopping, among others. Commuting nowadays not only gives you a myriad of health benefits, but it also saves you money!

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How to Choose a Hybrid Bike

Before choosing which bike to buy, you need to know the type of riding you will be doing; whether it is riding on pavement, commuting to work, or enjoying yourself on a dirt road. Once you figure this out, there are good cheap hybrid bikes available and you can narrow down your search to these specific features.

What Type of Hybrid Bike Should I Buy?

  • Type of hybrid:there are two types of hybrid bikes namely

Hybrid classic bicycles – they are similar to traditional bikes because they give you an upright riding position.They are among the best urban bikes 2019 for cycling on pavement and are preferred by women. This is because they can have a basket attached, which is ideal for a picnic or carrying groceries.


Hybrid sports bikes – they give better performance and the riding position is more efficient than classic bikes. They come with a variety of features for different terrain.




What Material of Hybrid Bike’s Frame?

frame size of hybrid bike

Frame materials:Hybrid bikes are mostly made from aluminum but carbon and steel are also commonly used materials. A carbon frame for a hybrid bike is preferred. However, depending on your riding needs you can look at the advantages and disadvantages of each material before you decide.

frame materials of hybrid bike

Aluminum:it is affordable, light, and strong. These bikes feature improved shock absorption compared to when they would feel harsh on rough terrains.

Steel:creates a strong bike for a smooth ride but is heavy

Carbon fiber: being the strongest and lightest of the three materials, a carbon hybrid bike is the best choice. However, it is more expensive so manufacturers can choose to incorporate it in some of the parts to improve strength while keeping the price low.

What Size of Hybrid Bike do I Need?

Size: The standard wheel size for most hybrid bikes is 700c and 26 inches. The size of the wheel is not a problem as long as other features match up to your needs.

How Many Speeds Hybrid Bike has?

number of speeds of hybrid bikeGears and number of speeds: Hybrid bikes have a range of gearing for riding on flat and hilly terrain. They have different gears with some having 21, 24, and up to 27 gears for maneuvering whatever terrain you wish to ride. You can also fit it with low gears for riding slower during the wet season. If you ride on flat terrain, you will not require many gears which makes your bike lighter and faster. For hilly terrain, you will require lots of gears for rough riding.

Which Suspension is on Hybrid Bike?

suspension of hybrid bikeSuspension:Depending on your riding needs and conditions, you can choose a bike with:

No suspension: Most hybrid bikes do not have suspension because it adds weight to the bike and makes peddling slower. These are ideal for people who ride on smooth surfaces.

Front suspension: is found on some hybrid bikes and helps absorb impact on the front wheel, which makes it ideal for riding on rough streets.

What Type of Brakes Best for Hybrid Bike?

  • Brakes:hybrid bikes have two types of brakes

Rim brakes: the pads grip onto the wheel for this brake system. The advantage of these brakes is they are easy to replace in case of wear. However, they slowly wear out the rim, which means you might need to replace it after some time.

Disk brakes: the brake pads grip a brake rotor that is mounted on the wheel hub. They are consistent in braking for all conditions. They offer less strain for the fingers and perform well on wet and steep terrains. There are two types of disc brakes i.e.:

  • Hydraulic– these give more braking with reduced finger effort in addition to self-adjusting for pad wear.
  • Mechanical– these need to be adjusted when the pads wear.


Let us now look at our hybrid bikes for men review

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Top 12 Hybrid Bikes under 300

PicturesBike NameKey FeaturesCheck Price
Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bicycle men’s sizeSpeed: 21
Frame: Aluminum
Schwinn Capital Men’s Hybrid Bicycle, Medium frame sizeSpeed: 7
Frame: Aluminum
Schwinn Capital Men’s Hybrid Bicycle, Medium frame sizeSpeed: 21
Frame: Aluminum
Schwinn GTX 2.0 Men’s Dual Sport BikeSpeed: 21
Frame: Aluminum
Giordano RS700 Hybrid BikeSpeed: 21
Frame: Aluminum
Schwinn GTX 1.0 Men’s Dual Sport BicycleSpeed: 21
Frame: Aluminum
Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bicycle women’s sizeSpeed: 21
Frame: Aluminum
Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bicycle women’s sizeSpeed: 21
Frame: Aluminum
Retrospec by Westridge Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 Seven SpeedSpeed: 7
Frame: Steel
Diamondback Bicycles CalicoSpeed: 21
Frame: Aluminum
Schwinn GTX 1.0 Women’s Dual Sport BikeSpeed: 21
Frame: Aluminum
Schwinn GTX 2 Women’s Dual Sport BikeSpeed: 21
Frame: Aluminum

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Top 3 Best Men’s Hybrid Bikes

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1. Schwinn Discover – Best Hybrid Bicycle under 300

This bike offers stellar performance with its wide array of features, making it one of the best city bikes under 300. It is manufactured by Schwinn, a company that boasts famous bikes like Varsity, Phantom, and Stingray.


  • Schwinn suspension fork
  • 21-speed SRAM grip shifters
  • Shimano TX-31 rear derailleur
  • Aluminum city frame
  • Promax alloy pull brakes
  • SR Suntour crank

Fitted with an SR Suntour crank, gear shifters, and a rear derailleur, this bike offers a wide range of gearing. It is made of a strong aluminum frame that ensures durability and stability. Additionally, it has 21-speed SRAM grip shifters for easy and fast gear changes. The bike frame allows for an upright riding position and has fenders to keep dirt off you as you ride your bike.

  • Easy uphill pedaling
  • Offers value for your money

  • Hard to adjust due to its big frame

Verdict: Discover is among the top rated men’s hybrid bikes due to its specs. It is perfect for a leisure ride in the park or even to work. It has a rear carrier for a little shopping bag or your work briefcase.

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2. Schwinn Wayfarer – Best Hybrid Bike under 300

Featuring a retro stylish design, this classic bike is ideal for riding in any weather. Manufactured by Schwinn, you can be sure you are making a worthy purchase.


Schwinn retro style steel frame and fork

  • Alloy brakes
  • Swept back handlebars
  • Full fenders
  • Schwinn 7 speed derailleur

This steel hybrid bike is stable and provides great support. Besides having alloy brakes that give precise stops, the bike also has swept back handlebars for a perfect upright riding position.

Its full fenders protect you from getting dirty, thus making the bike ideal for riding in all weather. Its Schwinn 7-speed derailleur allows smooth shifts, maximizing maneuverability on all surfaces.

  • Made from strong material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very affordable

  • Most customers have complained about the package being incomplete or missing some materials required for assembly

Verdict: With its traditional style and affordability, this bike is bound to exceed all your expectations on moderately hilly and flat terrain; it is the best commuter bike under 300.

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3. Schwinn Capital – Best Men’S Hybrid Bike under 300

Ideal for fitness rides and going to work, this bike offers you great convenience for a wide range of activities. This good commuter bike under 300 is manufactured by Schwinn, one of the most trusted bicycle brands in America.


  • Schwinn aluminum hybrid frame
  • Schwinn suspension fork
  • Shimano 21 speed EZ-Fire shifters
  • Shimano rear derailleur
  • Front and rear alloy V brakes
  • Soft hybrid seat
  • Alloy wheels with high profile rims

The aluminum frame and suspension provide an efficient and comfortable ride on whatever terrain you chose to explore. For accurate gear shifts and easier climbing, the Schwinn Capital comes with Shimano 21 speed EZ-Fire shifters and derailleur.

It comes fitted with alloy wheels with amazing high profile rims where the front and rear brakes grip securely. The hybrid seat features a suspension post that gives you the ultimate riding experience.

  • Great specs at a very affordable price
  • Easy to assemble

  • Some users have complained the seat is too hard

Verdict: This bicycle is among the lightweight hybrid bikes for men that not only gives you value but also an ideal option for everyday riders. This is because it handles all trails effectively. At 70 inches, the bike is also great for tall people.

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Top 3 Best Men’s Sport Hybrid Bikes

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1. Schwinn GTX 2.0 -Best Sport Hybrid Bike for Men under 300

This could be the best men’s hybrid bike under 300 for people looking to for a multipurpose bike. It is ideal for work, trail riding, picking up your lunch, and so much more.


  • Schwinn aluminum dual sport frame
  • Schwinn suspension fork
  • Shimano 21 speed trigger shifters
  • Shimano rear derailleur
  • Front and rear disc brake
  • Schwinn alloy crank
  • Alloy wheels
  • Schwinn multi use tires

This bike features alloy wheels with multi-use tires for off and on road use. Its Schwinn alloy crank allows for optional gearing and its dual sport frame and suspension fork enable easy and versatile riding.

The Shimano 21-speed triggers and derailleur allow precise gearshifts. Additionally, it has a front and back disc brake that gives your bike the extra stopping power.

  • Great value for the money
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty

  • Several users have complained about the low quality tires
  • Weak components

Verdict: This top rated men’s hybrid bike is great for a variety of uses in all road conditions. It has amazing features and accessories that make it ideal for the outdoor enthusiast, the stay-at-home dad, as well as the office executive.

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2. Giordano RS700 -Best Sport Hybrid Bicycle for Men under 300

This beautiful red bike is among the best men’s bike for casual riding that combines class and functionality on another level.


  • 700c Wheels
  • Aluminum Frame and Steel Fork
  • Flat Bar Handlebar
  • 21 Speed Shimano Shifting
  • Aluminum Rims

The bike, which features among the best hybrid bikes for men, has a 21-speed gear shifting trigger for precise gear changes. It is made of an aluminum frame adding to its life and strength. It features aluminum rims and 700c wheels for faster and easier movement.

  • Smooth riding bike with no noise
  • Amazing shifting capabilities

  • You might need to upgrade the seat
  • The rim breaking produces a squeaking sound

Verdict: This red bike features a large frame ideal for bigger people. Offering great shifting and strong brakes, this bike is ideal for different terrain allowing you to explore different areas with no strain.

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3. Nashbar – Best Dual Sport Hybrid Bike for Men under 300

Nashbar bikes can be ridden anywhere from light trails to bike paths and even to the office.


  • A2 6061 aluminum frame
  • SR Suntour SF14 suspension fork
  • Shimano 3×7-speed drivetrain with EZ Fire shifters
  • Shimano Tourney crankset with 48/38/28T chain rings plus 14-34T freewheel
  • Tektro linear pull brakes

The aluminum frame is strong with a suspension fork that provides up to 50mm of travel ensuring a smooth ride. It features a wide array of gear ratios that allow you to traverse different terrain with ease. The Shimano drivetrain gives efficient and accurate gear changes.

The bike also has Tektro brakes that give splendid stopping power. Moreover, the 700×35 tires have a tread pattern that guarantees traction on dirt roads with a low rolling resistance.

  • Strong frame making it highly durable
  • Smooth riding on dirt roads

  • Assembly is not easy; may require an extra hand

Verdict: Combining all these features, this is one of the best budget hybrid bikes and is great for riding enthusiasts looking for more support and comfort at an affordable price.

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Top 3 Best Women’s Hybrid Bikes

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1. Schwinn Discover -Best Women’S Hybrid Bicycle under 300

Schwinn gives us another wonderful bike, this time built for women. This catchy bike comes in white and boasts of a strong aluminum frame that is adjustable for height.


  • Aluminum city frame
  • Shimano TX-31 rear derailleur
  • ProMax linear pull brakes
  • Padded seat
  • 21-speed SRAM grip shifters
  • Schwinn suspension fork
  • Fenders and rear gear carrier
  • Schwinn alloy crank set
  • Swept-back handlebar

With its aluminum frame, the Discover for women also features a suspension fork to absorb shock. It has a padded seat with suspension for added comfort and smooth riding.

It has 21-speed SRAM grip shifters and derailleur for fast gear changes. The bike also has an adjustable stem on its swept back upright handlebar for customization to meet the rider’s specifications.

  • Comfortable and smooth even for rough terrain
  • Adjustable for increased comfort

  • Some users have claimed assembly is difficult

Verdict: Among the best women’s hybrid bikes 2019, this femme machine combines beauty and class on the road. It is perfect for women with a knack for the outdoors.

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2. Diamondback Vital 2  -Best Women’S Hybrid Bike under 300

Made by Diamondback bicycles, this bike combines a variety of superior features. If you need a tough cruiser with amazing speed and a feminine touch, the Diamondback hybrid bicycle is your bike.


  • Aluminum Sport Hybrid
  • Comfort suspension
  • Steel handlebar
  • DB Kraton grips
  • Drivetrain
  • Kenda tires and SSW700 Double Tunnel aluminum alloy rims

The aluminum frame is strong and ergonomic to keep you comfortable and in control of your bike. The bike can handle steep inclines thanks to its comfort suspension with a travel of 63 mm.

The handlebars are made of steel to add strength at the front while the DB (Diamondback Dual) Density Comfort Grips absorb shock from the bumps on a rough road. The drivetrain has 21-gear options for smooth climbs, speed, and stability.

It also has Shimano speed shifters and a front and rear derailleur for easy changing of gears. This is coupled with the Tektro brakes for fast and easy braking. The tires on this beauty perform well on pavement and dirt surfaces.

  • The bike can be shipped 95% assembled sparing you hassle
  • Durable and comfortable

  • Assembly is not easy but the manufacturer can send it assembled

Verdict: Comfortably designed and strong, this bike gives you a seamless riding experience and you do not have to worry about absorbing little bumps on the road.

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3. Critical Cycles Beaumont 7 – Best Hybrid Bike for Women under 300

This amazing women’s bike from Westridge outdoors comes in a variety of colors, namely olive, coral, cream, black, and turquoise. Tastefully finished in a retro-inspired design, the Beaumont-7 is perfect for leisure rides, commuting, and exercise for a modern woman.


  • Steel frame design
  • Shimano 7-Speed drivetrain
  • RevoShift grip shifters
  • Front and rear alloy brakes
  • Wanda 700x35C tires

Arrives 85% built and comes with assembly tools and instructions. You, therefore, can finish putting it together easily!

This lightweight commuter bike is among the best steel frame hybrid bikes featuring an upright position for smooth riding. Its Wanda tires provide a strong grip on pavement and dirt roads while its brakes put you in full control of your bike.

The Beaumont-7 also features a step through style that makes it easier to mount even in a skirt or dress! The Shimano drivetrain and RevoShift shifters allow for easy gear changing with the utmost precision. The bike has a steel rear carrier for all your grocery runs.

  • Comes 85% assembled with a manual and assembly tools that enable you to put it together within a short time.
  • Best lightweight hybrid bike

  • Some users have complained the package comes with defects

Verdict: Like other top rated women’s hybrid bikes, you have a wide range of colors to choose from in addition to its great performance. This makes it ideal for a modern woman.

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Top 3 Best Women’s Sport Hybrid Bikes

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1. Diamond Clarity 1 -Best Sport Hybrid Bike for Women under 300

Made by Diamondback bicycles, this could be the best sport hybrid bike that is women-friendly. This means you do not have to struggle to get on and off.


  • Shaped aluminum alloy frame
  • Women’s-Specific design
  • Integrated, straight-blade fork
  • Frame eyelets
  • Shimano 21-speed drivetrain

This bike features a design that makes it easy to mount no matter what you are wearing due to its frame eyelets. It has a strong shaped aluminum frame for durability and comfort.

Moreover, Diamond Clarity has a Shimano drivetrain for easy gear changing.

  • Lightweight hybrid bike and easy to ride
  • Easy to assemble

  • Some users have complained about the seat but you can easily change this

Verdict: If you want the best women’s city bike that gives you maximum performance, this bike could be it. It is great for rough terrain and pavement for outdoor and working women.

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2. Schwinn GTX 1.0 -Best Dual Sport Hybrid Bike for Women under 300

This sports bike from Schwinn is a good women’s hybrid bike for the outdoor woman with its grand features and amazing wheels suitable for rough terrain and graceful enough for smoother surfaces.


  • Schwinn aluminum dual sport frame
  • Schwinn suspension fork
  • Micro shift 21 speed twist shifters
  • Shimano rear derailleur
  • Front and rear alloy V brakes
  • Schwinn alloy crank
  • 700C Alloy wheels
  • Schwinn multi use tires
  • Bicycle frame size: 16″

This bike combines its micro shift 21 speed gear shifters with the derailleur to give precise gearshifts. The front and back brakes allow you to stop as fast as you need.

The crank allows optional gearing so you can experience a rough or smooth ride by shifting gears. Additionally, the bike comes with high-quality alloy wheels that can be used on different terrain.

  • Lightweight hybrid women’s bikes
  • Limited life warranty from the manufacturer

  • The assembly manual is not simple

Verdict: Like some of the best women’s hybrid bikes under 300, this bike gives versatility and function in all terrain, making it a great selection for a range of activities.

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3. Schwinn GTX 2 -Best Dual Sport Hybrid Bicycle for Women under 300

Featuring its multi-use tires, this is one of the best commuter bikes for women. It’s great for different uses and surfaces.


  • Schwinn aluminum dual sport frame
  • Schwinn suspension fork
  • Shimano 21-speed trigger shifters
  • Shimano rear derailleur
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Schwinn Multi-Use tires
  • Alloy high profile rims
  • Adjustable bike frame size for height

This bike features an aluminum sport frame with a suspension fork to allow a versatile and durable riding. Its Shimano 21-speed trigger shifters with the derailleur provide quick precise gear changing.

The bike has powerful disc brakes that offer superior braking power. Moreover, it has strong high profile alloy rims and tires that are perfect for both on and off road riding.

  • Lightest commuter bike
  • Most of the bike parts come attached so assembly is easy

  • Some users complain that the frame is too big

Verdict: This bike combines versatility, speed, and comfort, making it an ideal bike to ride to all your daily activities. This makes it one of the best cheap women’s hybrid bikes in the market.

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F.A.Q about Hybrid Bikes

everything you need to know about hybrid bike

We have addressed questions such as what is the best hybrid bike and what is a good hybrid bicycle. However, even with all the information provided on hybrid bikes, there are questions you might have.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions to understand more about hybrid bikes.

How do I use gears on a hybrid bike?


There are two types of shifters on hybrid bikes namely thumb and grip shifters. The thumb shifters feature two levers for both hands i.e. one moves the chain up and the other down. One lever makes the gears hard as the other on the opposite hand makes them easier.

Are hybrid bikes good for long distance?

 Yes, they are; they provide maximum comfort. They feature comfortable padded seats and suspension forks that absorb bumps. You can choose 700c wheels since they are quicker and more efficient.

Can you use a hybrid bike for mountain biking?

 Yes you can. However, mountain bikes have wider tires. Hybrid bikes are recommended for light off road riding on canal paths and dirt roads. They have a wider gear range, which makes it easier for uphill pedaling.

Can hybrid bikes go off road?

Yes they can. They feature a suspension fork and wider tires to handle technical off road trails.

Are road bikes faster than hybrids?

 Yes. Road bikes are faster on rural roads since they have narrow tires and little resistance. However, hybrid bikes offer more comfort due to their superior features.

What is a hybrid bike best for?

Hybrid bikes are best for commuting, home runs, and leisure activities for terrain that require extra effort.

Should I buy a mountain bike or hybrid?

If you are looking for comfort and increased speed in mildly rough terrain, a hybrid bike is the one for you. When riding up a steep hill or in unfriendly terrain, a mountain bike would do better since it has wider tires.

How to shift gears on a hybrid bike

For small gear changes, shift the chain that is between the cogs of the rear cassette and the one between the chain rings at the front – you cannot do both simultaneously. You should use a shifter one at a time to avoid jamming, mis-shifting, or dropping the chain off the cassette.

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What is the Best Hybrid Bike under 300

Our pick for the best men’s sport hybrid bike is the Schwinn GTX 2.0. It combines comfort, suspension for shock absorption, and efficiency, giving the perfect choice for the outdoor enthusiast in all road conditions.

For the best women’s sport hybrid bike, we choose the Diamond Clarity 1. This beauty features a great design, is women friendly, and has amazing functionality.

The Schwinn Discover is our selection for the best men’s classic hybrid bike. This bike offers the perfect balance and has superior features that guarantee performance.

The best women’s classic hybrid bike in this category has to be the Diamondback Vital 2. It can handle steep inclines thanks to its suspension while offering the perfect upright riding position.

We highly recommend the above products because they combine the versatility of mountain bikes and the speed of regular bikes to give you the perfect superbike. All these selections feature the best frame materials on the bike frame size chart. The best were chosen according to the features that best describe the ideal hybrid bike. We have also reviewed amazing alternatives to these. Read the other reviewed products to select the best hybrid bicycle under 300 that suits your style.

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