Top-10 Best Road Bikes in 2019 under 1000

Back in the day, shopping for the best road bikes under 1000 was simple All you had to do was go for a specific brand that offered two or three choices. Today, things are more complex because clients have to deal with products from bicycle manufacturers across the globe.

As such, you have to consider where the bike is made, from USA, China, Germany, Italy etc. The country the road bike is made from will also determine its quality.

If you want a custom-designed bike or a high-end one, you have fewer brand considerations to make. Otherwise, this buying guide is a must-read for pros and beginners looking to explore the new features incorporated in road bikes.

In our review, we have featured only the best road bikes in the market with respect to their endurance, the precision of shifters, brake efficiency, weight, fork, and other components. The selection criteria followed in picking each road bike comprises of user reviews, ratings, price, performance, and other unique features.

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How to Select a Road Bike

Should I get a road bike or cyclocross?

If you intend to start enjoying outdoor adventures, getting a bicycle takes you a step closer towards achieving your goals. Before buying a bike,you should first establish your type of cycling adventures.

Road bikes are affordable, lightweight, and designed to be highly versatile so you can ride them wherever you want. You can pedal up or down hills, on a rough roads, etc.

Although cyclocross bikes are also top rated, they are good for cross-country riding only.

In general, the best bike should be light for reliable performance. Moreover, men, and women need various bike sizes for comfort.


What size road bike should I buy?

A bike frame should be lightweight so you can easily control the bike. As such, you could go for a frame made of carbon, aluminum, or steel depending on the material you are most comfortable with.

Road bikes also vary based on their frame designs, which reflects on a bike’s geometry. A sports geometry is appropriate for recreational riders who attend organized events or other short distance rides. Such enthusiasts typically ride three times a week for 20-150 miles a week. This geometry is upright so you can steer the bike in a relaxed position.

A performance geometry is built for competitive races. Its frame is stiff, and the wheels are light so your aerodynamics are perfect. This bike requires you to be flexible with a stretched out posture for better performance.

There are also flat bar road bikes that are designed mostly for beginners and mid-level users. They are ideal for commuting since the frame is upright.

What are the best road bike shifters?

The bicycle shifters and drivetrain are responsible for helping you shift the gears as well as pedal efficiently. How smooth the cycling process will be depends on the quality of these components.

The drivetrain is a collective name for the crankset, rear cassette, chain, and derailleurs. The chain ring and cassette (cog set) have multiple teeth which the chain will connect while rotating as you pedal.

Derailleurs are designed to help the chain move in front of the chainring or between the cogset.

Shifters allow you to move the chain in front of the chainring or cog set as you pedal. Shimano shifters offer the highest quality and precision so you can ride more efficiently.

Due to the drawbacks of using a drivetrain, most bicycle manufacturers are opting for electronic shifters, belt drives, or internally geared hubs.

These components are much easier to operate and are capable of giving the bike higher performance.

How road bike gears work? How many gears should a road bike have?

Gears affect your pace, and work alongside the shifters for riding efficiency. The number of speeds featured will also determine how fast you can pedal.

Easier gears are more efficient since you can pedal at a higher pace. On the other hand, riding slowly may force you to use harder gears that take a toll on your knees and drain your energy.

The most efficient number of gears is about 30. The crankset description and cogset will guide you in determining the number of gears a road bike has.

When it comes to speed, the higher the speed settings, the better the road bike since you have more shifting options. Most road bikes have speed ranges between 8-24.

The movement of the cassette will depend on the gear you shift. Always shift one gear at a time for an efficient performance.

Should I buy a road bike with disc brakes?

There are usually two brake systems used on road bikes: mechanical disc brakes, and hydraulic disc brakes. While the former is most commonly used, hydraulic disc brakes perform better.

Mechanical disc brakes are made with a steel construction and a simple design, making them relatively cheaper compared to hydraulic disc brakes. They are also easier and cheaper to maintain.

Hydraulic disc brakes, on the other hand, have incompressible brake fluid in hoses. Any movement experienced at the lever is immediately transferred to the piston.

These brakes are a bit complex and are mostly found in more expensive road bikes.

Disc brakes are important since they help make stops and slow down whenever necessary. As such, good brakes are an essential safety measure on road bikes.

Disc brakes should be highly responsive and reliable so you can ride on any road worry-free.


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Top-10 Best Road Bikes under 1000

PicturesBike NameKey FeaturesCheck Price
Tommaso Monza EnduranceGears: 20
Frame: Aluminum
Raleigh revere 2Gears: 16
Frame: Aluminum
RapidCycle Grand 700cGears: 20
Frame: Aluminum
Raleigh Bikes Merit 1Gears: 8
Frame: Aluminum
Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s Road BikeGears: 18
Frame: Aluminum
Tommaso Imola EnduranceGears: 24
Frame: Aluminum
Raleigh Bikes Merit 2 Endurance Road BikeGears: 16
Frame: Aluminum
Tommaso ForcellaGears: 24
Frame: Aluminum
Savadeck CarbonGears: 18
Frame: Carbon
Tommaso Tiempo EnduranceGears: 18
Frame: Carbon

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1. Tommaso Monza Endurance – Best Aluminum Road Bike under 1000 in 2019

The Tommaso Monza road bike is the best of the Aluminum series since it has a lightweight and compact frame that makes it easy to ride on. It has a HCT carbon fork that will dampen vibration felt while cycling on rough terrain.

The aluminum frame is drilled for versatile uses depending on the rack or fender you bring along. The bike has 20 speeds that work alongside the 50/34T Shimano Tiagra compact crankset and the 11/33T Tiagra cassette. These ensure you ride smoothly and as fast as you want irrespective of the road you are on.

The bike comes with Shimano Tiagra STI shifters that work smoothly with the others in the Tiagra groupset for accurate shifting and responsiveness.

This road bike is ideal for activities such as long rides, triathlons, training, as well as commuting.


  • It features a lifetime frame and fork warranty.
  • This bike is super powerful.
  • The shifting is precise with the Monza road bike since its shifters are highly responsive.

  • Some users argue that the bike might need extra fittings if your cusp falls between two sizes.

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2. Raleigh revere 2 – Best Lightweight Women’s Road Bike under 1000

The Raleigh revere 2 bike weighs only 23.2 lbs. which makes it lightweight enough for portability and ease of riding.

This is the right road bike for woman since the aluminum frame has a geometry that caters to the unique needs of women riders. Its fork is also made of aluminum.

It has a drivetrain made of aluminum cranks with Shimano Claris derailleurs for smooth cycling. The bike also has an 8 speed Shimano 11-32T cog set.

The Shimano Claris 2×8 speed shifters are precise so you can control your ride on any road. The bike features a TRP Spyre C mechanical disc brake system that is super responsive as you turn, stop, etc.

This road bike is designed with a Weinmann XC180 double wall wheelset. It relies on Clement Strada LGG, 700x28c tires for enhanced performance.


  • This bike is made from high quality materials with exquisite craftsmanship.
  • The shifters are designed for responsiveness, making the bike safe and easy to use.
  • It is built for endurance with speeds powerful enough for women.

  • Some users feel this road bike may take a little too long (about 2 or more hours) to assemble.

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3. RapidCycle Grand 700c – Best Lightweight Aluminum Road Bike under 1000

This bike is crafted with a superior quality 7005 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. This material also enables the bike to weigh only 22-24lb, making it super lightweight for ease of portability.

RapidCycle road bike is also double-butted, allowing the cyclist to use it wherever and whenever. This also brings a balance a high strength to low weight ratio. The aluminum frame is specially designed to support a wide weight capacity since it is sturdy. Moreover, the bike tubes are hydroformed for enhanced tolerance and strength.

It has disc brakes that are super responsive so you can make quick stops, turns, etc. Its Shimano Tiagra 4600 racing gear set is reliable, crisp, and allows smooth gear shifting.

It is available in two colors: red and black.


  • The RapidCycle road bike comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and fork.
  • Double-butted and hydroformed tunes increase the strength, durability, and endurance of this road bike.
  • It is 100 percent designed in the US, translating to premium quality.

  • Some users find it challenging to assemble the bike without professional help.

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4. Raleigh Bikes Merit 1 – Lightest Aluminum Road Bike with Aluminum Fork

The Raleigh Bikes Merit 1 road bike is the right option for you if you are going for a classic design that will keep you pedaling continuously. The seat and handles are ultra-comfortable and the bike is efficient for use wherever the road takes you. It offers a responsive aluminum fork that works alongside the shifters for added efficiency.

The bike has dual pivot caliper brakes that are low maintenance and the tires are wider for extra stability. It also features an aluminum frame that complements its weight of only 22.6 lbs. The drivetrain is made with aluminum cranks with Shimano Claris derailleurs. The cog set comes with an 8 speed Shimano 11-32T.

This road bike is crafted with Shimano Claris shifters that present a reliable performance.

The Weinmann GMax double wall wheelset works seamlessly with the Kenda Kwick Roller Sport 700x28c tires.


  • The bike is lightweight so you can carry it hassle free whenever necessary.
  • The bike is high performance since it can endure the toughest terrain.

  • Some users feel that the wheels used on this road bike are of poor quality.

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5. Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s Road Bike – Best Road Bike under 1000 with Disc Brakes

Raleigh Bike’s Clubmen bike is designed for use on any road since you can go city riding, commuting, as well as putting in some base miles with class. It is made with a 4130 butted chromoly frame that works alongside a steel fork to absorb vibration and bumps felt when on the road.

For people who like riding in style, this bike is the ultimate choice since it comes in a classic old school design.

Raleigh Bike’s Clubmen bike is crafted with a Shimano Sora 18-speed STI, which places its performance on another level. Together with the shifters, the Shimano Sora 18-speed STI provides a variety of gears enabling you to tackle hills and other difficult terrain. It further features Tektro mechanical disc brakes that give it great stopping power.

Once you buy the bike, you will get color matched fenders, a Raleigh Classic road saddle, weinmann XC180 double wall rims, and clement strada legg 60TPI – 700x28c tires.


  • It is super lightweight since the front/rear fenders and the frame are made of aluminum.

  • Most users find fault in the disc brakes, arguing they are not responsive enough.

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6. Tommaso Imola Endurance – Best Endurance Road Bike under 1000

Tommaso Imola road bikes are crafted for endurance thanks to 100 percent Shimano gears that are super responsive. The shifters work smoothly with 24 speeds, allowing any rider to cycle up or down a hill even on a rough road.

Tommaso Imola road bike frames are all drilled perfectly to accommodate a wide array of accessories like racks and fenders. The frame also has a compact geometry so you have a more relaxed posture despite your prefered riding style. The handlebar drop is shallow, allowing you to stay comfortable as you pedal in the lower handlebar position.

The 25mm, 700c road bike tires are wider so you have added control on the turns you make on the Imola. In short, this bike was built for user comfort and maximum efficiency while pedaling.


  • The lightweight aluminum frame and wheels make the bike easier to handle while pedaling.
  • The bike has a 2-year warranty for Shimano components and a lifetime warranty for the bike.

  • Some users are concerned the pedals are of low quality since they might break after riding for a few miles.

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7. Raleigh Bikes Merit 2 – Best Aluminum Road Bike with Disc Brakes under 1000

Raleigh Bike’s Merit 2 bike is built to ensure each rider enjoys maximum comfort as well as efficiency while pedaling around. Like other road bikes in the Merit line, the Merit 2 provides a super responsive aluminum fork that works seamlessly with the disc brakes and offers great stopping power.

The wider tires mounted on this road bike ensure you maintain the stability you desire while riding, despite the terrain you are on.

The Merit 2 is the perfect road bike for you if you are looking for light weight and fast rides. It is made using high-quality craftsmanship in a classic road bike design. It has thru axles front and rear that boost the stiffness of the bike for precision while steering and to provide better control. They also enhance the mechanical ability of the Merit 2 bike.


  • It has Shimano components that reflect premium quality.
  • It only weighs 23.5 pounds, making it super lightweight for ease of control.

  • Some users argue the bike wheels may need adjustment to get the preferred balance.

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8. Tommaso Forcella – Lightweight Endurance Road Bicycle with Aluminum Frame

The Tommaso Forcella road bike is designed with an aluminum compact frame. This is accompanied by a HCT carbon fork that dampens bumps and vibration while pedaling.

The Forcella road bike is ideal for commuting since its frame is drilled for versatile uses when it comes to accessories like racks and fenders.

It has a 3×8 Shimano Claris groupset that further features a 30/39/50T Claris crankset alongside a 12x25T Claris cassette. The bike provides the rider with a wide variety of gears to choose from depending on terrain conditions.

Shimano Claris STI shifters operate smoothly due to their precision and consistency on each ride.

The compact frame and handlebars work seamlessly to ensure the bike has the perfect geometry for your comfort while pedaling. Furthermore, each component of the Tommaso Forcella is built for endurance.


  • This road bike has a lifetime frame and fork warranty.
  • It will give you powerful performance thanks to its reliable speed.
  • Since this Tommaso bike has a full groupset, you are able to get shifting precision, responsiveness, and performances that are unmatched.

  • Assembling this bike yourself can be challenging, often requiring to hire an expert.

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9. Savadeck Carbon – Lightest Carbon Road Bike under 1000 in 2019

The Savadeck road bike is a little different from its competitors because its fork, frame, and seat posts are made from carbon fiber. Together with the tapered head tube, the carbon fiber parts make the bike stiff and strong enough to handle whatever the road throws at it. It is a lightweight and stiff carbon road bike that weighs only 20.6lbs.

The Savadeck road bike features a SHIMANO SORA 2×9 speed that is complemented by a shifter lever, a front derailleur, and a rear derailleur.

It has internal cable routing that keeps your whole bike safe due to clean airflow. It is crafted in oval concepts 6061 Alloy 40MM wheels that are lightweight. They work alongside MICHELIN 25C Dynamic Sport tires that will endure the roughest terrain. What’s more, the tires are anti-skid, hardwearing, and come with low rolling resistance.


  • This bike only weighs 20.6lbs, rendering it super lightweight for ease of handling.
  • This road bike is strong, has rigid torsion, and efficient tires for maximum performance.

  • Some users feel the tires might be low quality since they might wear out after only a few miles.

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10. Tommaso Tiempo Endurance – Best Aluminum Road Bike with Aluminum Fork

The Tommaso Tiempo Endurance road bike might be the best model for all riding experiences. It has an aluminum compact frame that is durable. The frame is also drilled appropriately so you can comfortably use a fender or rack as you cycle around town. The carbon fork featured will dampen vibration felt while pedaling as well as any bumps.

It has a 2×9 Shimano Sora groupset that makes this road bike a high performance model. It features a 50/34T Sora crankset and a 11x30T Sora cassette so you have a seamless performance regardless of how flat or steep the road is.

The Shimano Sora STI shifters are precise so your ride is flawless. Moreover, the Tommaso Tiempo Endurance road bike is designed for absolute comfort due to its unique frame geometry and compact handlebars. This way, you are able to attain the highest performance as you enjoy its 18-speed range.


  • The bike has a lifetime frame and fork warranty.
  • It is high performing and rigid enough for high-level endurance.
  • The bike is lightweight so you can ride with confidence and pride as you exploit your newfound cycling skills.

  • Some users feel that the tube and tires are of poor quality and might need occasional replacements.

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What to Know about Road Bikes

Buying a road bike requires an attentive mind since you need to know what components to look for and learn how to maintain it each of the components.

This article has focused on helping you buy the best road bike under $1000.

Do road bikes have kickstands?

Road bikes have a kickstand but they are detachable since professional riders prefer to take them off. This is because they will only increase the weight of the bike while giving dirt a better place to hide. They also tend to rattle a lot and the noise may affect your riding concentration.

Should I get a road bike or hybrid?

A hybrid bike falls in-between a road and a mountain bike. It has a comfortable riding position just like a mountain bike, fast rolling wheels, as well as a lightweight frame just like a road bike. However, a hybrid is ideal for short-range commuting and casual riding.

As such, you could get a road bike since it is more versatile as you can see in the reviews.

What is the average weight of a road bike?

The minimum weight of a road bike is 14.99lbs according to the International Cyclists Union. Although modern day manufacturers can confidently design a bike weighing less, they mostly opt for 17-17.5lbs, since it is the most common weight for road bikes. This gives the user enough stability and control of the bike on all types of roads.

What is the lightest road bike frame?

So far, the 56cm Émonda SLR 9 frame is the lightest because it only weighs 1.41 pounds. With manufacturers launching new road bike designs, riders might find even lighter frames in the future. The material used on the frame greatly affects its weight and the performance of the bike.

How to clean your road bike?

Cleaning a road bike will require a clean cloth, soap, and water. You should clean the wheels with these before wiping the frame, fork, seat, handles, and other metallic parts. You should also use a dry cloth to wipe the drivetrain before lubricating each part of it. Moreover, avoid splashing water on the metallic components since this may cause corrosioncompromising the durability of the road bike.

How do you enhance your fitness on a road bike?

Getting fit on a road bike depends on your goals for cycling. Some individuals are looking to lose weight while others just want to keep fit. For both goals, try including a hill on your road to fitness. Once you master the terrain, you could challenge your speed levels to increase your metabolism, build muscles, etc.

How fast are road bikes?

How fast a road bike goes will depend on its performance and your riding skills. On a flat road, a beginner may hit 30mph while a professional on the same trail may go up to 45mph. Some road bikes can go up to 80mph although such bikes are among the high-end customized models. For such a bike, you must be willing to spend more since they go for about $11,000.


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What is the Best Road Bike under 1000?

Identifying the best road bike under 1000 can be a real hassle for beginners. That is why we took time to research and find the top rated road bikes just for you.

The Tommaso Forcella has highly responsive shifters, it is super lightweight, and each component is built for endurance.

We highly recommend the Tommaso Forcella for pros, beginners, and cycling enthusiasts looking to buy a road bike.

We hope this article has been a great buying guide that will help you find the best road bikes under 1000 in 2019.

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