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Here at we are fully committed to the privacy and safeguarding of our visitors. Our privacy policy is provided so that we give full transparency to those who use our website and Biking services. This privacy policy provides full disclosure in compliance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please ensure you read this policy carefully and that you understand its contents. By using this website you are legally agreeing to this policy and our data processing activities. Furthermore, we have done everything in our power to ensure our content is suitable for children and safe – children with their parents may view our website to look at family bikes for example.


Privacy Policy Changes

Our practices and the way the we collect and use information via this website may change over time. If our practices do change, we will ensure that this privacy policy is updated as quickly as possible.


Collection of Information

As a general rule, we do not collect visitor information using automated technology. When accessing our website, our web server may record data such as your language preference and browser type, but no personal data – this information in no way contains your identity. The only information we store, is information that you have willingly submitted via such methods as the contact form. This information would only be used if you gave consent and requested a response. Moreover, any information gathered via the web server is only used to improve site design and usability. Our website may use technologies such as the use of cookies, page tags and web beacons – you would be asked to confirm if they were ok to use however.


Links to third-party websites may contain links to third-party websites and products. We include those links for your information only – we do not own the content or can be responsible for it. Furthermore, any products such as bikes or accessories sold through these links are the sole responsibility of the website owner, not We cannot take responsibility for the security of these links, therefore upon clicking a link, you agree to full responsibility.


Information sharing with third-parties & cookies

We treat all the information we collect with strict confidentiality. Under no circumstance do we disseminate, share, or disclose your data or personal information to third parties outside of without your permission. In the case of a minor, we would first need a parent’s consent.

We only disclose information that is required by law and in compliance with legal obligations such as tax reporting and accounting in our legit interests to potential investors, sponsors, advertisers, service providers, and business partners. Our suppliers and providers must always concur to protect and safeguard your personal data and only to use it for the specified purpose.

As mentioned previously our site uses cookies. There are simple text files that are placed on your browser’s cookie files to recognize your device. They don’t install or control any program on your computer; neither do they collect personal information. They are harmless. There are three types of cookies we use: session, persistent, and third-party cookies. Session cookies apply to a single browsing session on our site. They disappear as soon as you exit our site. Session cookies provide simple information about what you did whilst on Persistent cookies remain on your web browser for a longer period of time. This is so we can tailor our website to suit your preferences. We use persistent cookies to suggest interesting information to you and to improve your experience on Finally, third-party cookies are from third-party services such as affiliate advertisers.

Note that you have the right to control these cookies by tweaking your browser settings. You should receive a message at the bottom of your browser if cookies are being used. You can block, accept, or delete them. When you block or delete cookies from our website, your preferences will not be saved and you will not be able to use particular sections of the site. Your experience with may feel less personal as a result but you have the right to stop us using them at any time.’s commitment to data security

Throughout or organization and website we have adopted various technologies and methods to maintain a high level of security and integrity. We do whatever we can to ensure that any information shared with us is kept secure, and at minimal risk of a data breach, destruction, alteration, loss or unauthorized disclosure. Our website and web server uses the latest SSL (secure socket later) technology to ensure that data is encrypted and unreadable. To comply with the aforementioned GDPR regulations, we have incorporated numerous policies to minimize the processing and use of personal information.


In the event of a data breach

In the unlikely event of a data breach we will inform you immediately if your personal data is at risk. We will provide you with the nature of the breach and how this could affect you. If a breach does not result in harm to your personal data, we may chose not to disclose the information.



If you are unsure about anything relating to our privacy policy, or want to find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email at [email protected]. We will endeavor to respond ASAP to any enquiries you have regarding the privacy policy. This privacy policy was last updated on 03.10.2018

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