Top Best Mountain Bike under 1500

So, you are looking for the best mountain bike under 1500? Well, you came to the right place! The biggest issue with mountain bikes is their price tag. When you have a limited budget (like most of us do), you have to narrow your choices and invest more time in your research. End goal? Find an optimal bike for an optimal price.

In this article, you’ll find several things: a buyer’s guide, where we’ll discuss mountain bikes under 1500, top 10 list, where you’ll see our recommended products, and a Q&A section, where we’ll answer common questions related to this topic. That’s pretty much everything you need, so let’s get started.

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How to Choose the Right Mountain Bike? What to Look For in a Mountain Bike?

To help you find the right bike for your needs and budget, we’ve come up with a concise and data-packed guide. Go through it if you would like to learn more about these bikes, and skip it if you are already an expert on this subject.

What Type of Mountain Bike Should I Buy?

There are several types of mountain bikes, but most common ones are:

trail mountain bikeTrail Bikes – As the name suggests, these bikes are perfect for trails and races. Trail bikes are quite common in the mountain biking world and are a solid pick for anyone interested in racing and training. If you want to buy mountain bikes for cheap, stick with trail bikes.



Fat BikeFat Bikes – Notable for their use of fat tires, these bikes provide excellent traction and control in rough conditions. You will lose on speed and maneuverability, but gain more power, comfort, and balance.




All-Mountain bikeAll-Mountain Bikes – If you want to ride on mountains, you’ll need one of these beasts. They are like trail bikes 2.0, and often feature excellent suspension and brakes.




Cross-country BikeCross-country Bikes – To cross a country you need a light and fast bike, right? Well, most cross-country bikes are that. Plus they often have excellent suspensions and are excellent for racing.





What Type of Mountain Bike Should I Choose?

Your options are limited here: you can either go for aluminum or carbon fiber. Aluminum mountain bikes are often light, durable and elastic, in the sense that they morph with the environment and absorb kicks effectively. They are often easier to control, maintain, and ride, but they also need high-quality suspension to feel less rigid and harsh. Thankfully, we have selected the best aluminum mountain bike for you!

Carbon fiber has been used in the professional bicycle industry for a long time. When the material got less expensive, people started implementing carbon fiber frames in regular bikes. Carbon mountain bikes will probably be less durable or sturdy than aluminum frames, but they are also much easier to work with and give you that extra speed boost (compared to the aluminum frame.)

There are other options, such as steel or titanium, but these are rare and not worth including in our under 1500 article. If you want to know more about this debate, watch this video.

Which Type of Suspension on Mountain Bike?

hardtail and full suspension

Here you have three options: full suspension, hardtail, and rigid. You won’t find rigid bikes on our list, but you should know that these bikes have zero suspension (for pros and experienced cyclists only!)

Full suspension bikes have suspension on the front (fork) and on the rear (shock.) Having suspension on both ends ensures comfort and less bumpy riding. While this system is excellent for comfort, it’s not good for climbing because you lose a lot of momentum. Generally, you’ll have a greater chance of finding an aluminum full suspension mountain bike than a carbon fiber full suspension mountain bike.

Hardtail suspension bikes have their suspension integrated on the front fork. This ensures that you absorb front kicks, but not back kicks. You’ll find a lot of hardtail suspension in cross-country bikes because you don’t lose velocity as you climb up or downhill.

How to Use Gears on a Mountain Bike? How Many Speeds on a Mountain Bike?

gear mountain bike

You can buy a mountain bike with 1 or 30 gears. Literally, how many do you need? Well, that’s an excellent question. Consider two things: your condition and your terrain.

If you are riding on rough up-and-down terrain with plenty of hills, and if you find it hard to climb, you need more gears. Switching to a lower gear allows you to climb faster because you’ll be able to pedal faster.

But if your terrain isn’t that challenging, or if your fitness level is sufficient, stick to bikes that have fewer gears. Why? Because more gears equals more chainrings and cogs, which means more maintenance and more chances for jamming.

What Type of Brakes are Best for Mountain Bike?

Comparison-hydraulic-disc-mechanical-disc-brakeAll bikes on our list, whether they are aluminum mountain bikes, mens mountain bikes or women’s mountain bikes, feature disc brakes. Now, we have two options: hydraulic or mechanical.

Hydraulic brakes are more advanced in the way they work. They require less adjusting and give you more responsive braking when you press your fingers. However, they also require more maintenance (oil etc.)

Mechanical discs require more force in your fingertips and frequent manual adjustment because their pads wear as you use them. Even though they don’t use oil, these brakes still require maintenance but they are more affordable than hydraulic brakes.

Which Wheels’ Size is on Mountain Bike?

If you want to know how to choose a mountain bike you need to understand wheels and tires. Most common sizes of wheels are 26, 27.5, and 29 inches. If you don’t know where to start, go with 26-inch wheels.

26 is your safe middle ground, giving you enough control and velocity in high-momentum tracks. You can up to 27.5 if you want more traction and rolling over harsh or rocky terrain , or if you want more speed on the open road.

29 is for those that want more traction to overcome challenging mountain obstacles. You should know that these wheels are heavy, and they give you less maneuverability on trails. Study more about wheels to ensure to buy only the best mountain bicycles for your needs.

What Size Mountain Bike Fits Me?

mountain bike sizing tableIt is often difficult to determine which size you need. The size of the bike refers to its frame. So, the best way to test whether or not you purchase the right bike is to feel it out.

For instance, if you can’t reach the handlebars, the bike is obviously too large for you. While you can do some adjusting to your handlebars and seat, you should be at least somewhat comfortable on your bike before you adjust it.

To measure your ideal bike size, always measure the distance between the top of your seat and the middle of your bottom bracket. More important than numbers is the feel; if you don’t feel the specific size is right, try others.


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Best Mountain Bikes under 1500 in 2019

PicturesBike NameKey FeaturesCheck Price
BEIOU Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Hardtail BO-CB005Gears: 30
Diamondback Mason 2Gears: 10
Mongoose Men’s Fireball 8 SpeedGears: 8
Gravity Bullseye Monster Fat tire bicycleGears: 16
BEIOU Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Hardtail BO-CB005Gears: 30
Diamondback Bicycles OverdriveGears: 10
Diamondback Line 24Gears: 8
Raleigh Bikes Tokul 2 Mountain BikeGears: 9
Diamondback HookGears: 8
Gravity FSX 29Gear: 27

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1. Beiou Hardtail – Best Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike under 1500

The Beiou Mountain bike is one of the priciest items on our list, but also the one that inspires the most confidence and stability. Made by Beiou, this bike is ideal for cyclists and professional athletes that want to push their limits. When you need to stop, you can use the power of its well-hidden disc brakes.

The bike is available in 15, 17, and 19-inch size, and can be purchased in three different colors. The Hardtail features a glossy and matte finish, which gives it a touch of elegance and rascality.

This bike uses SHIMANO M610 DEORE gear shifting technology with 3×10 speed options. When you pair this technology with a lightweight Toray T800 frame (made of carbon fiber), you get one of the fastest under 1500 bikes on the market.

It incorporates a sturdy and reliable dual full suspension system that mitigates minor/medium bumps and allows smoother and more comfortable riding. The bike rests on 26-inch wheels and 26 *1.95 inch thick tires (MAXXIS 60TPI). The biggest and most important aspect about this bike is its overall quality; it is an ideal purchase for those who want a 2 or 3K bike for under $1.5K.

  • High-speed performance
  • Sleek and unique design
  • Value for the money
  • Broad Color/Size selection options
  • Reliable and hidden disc brakes

  • Expensive (compared to others on the list)
  • Not ideal for aggressive mountain biking

Verdict: Smooth, fast, and reliable. The best bike for those who seek speed but not the best for those that seek control. Recommended to professional athletes and cyclists.

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2. Diamondback Mason 2 – Best Mountain Bike under 1500 in 2019

The Mason 2 Diamondback mountain bike is refreshing and exciting. It is a new product, delivered to us by Diamondback this year. You can buy it in three sizes: 15.5, 17, and 21 inches.

This bike is ideal for people who seek control and traction. Its double-butted aluminum frame is lightweight and elastic, which allows manufacturers to add all sorts of accessories. The attractive is its RockShox Judy Gold RL suspension that allows mountain bikers to overcome obstacles safely.

It has two SRAM parts: the SRAM NX drivetrain and SRAM disc brakes. This bike rides with excellent control derived from the Maxxis Minion DHF 27.5×2.8″ tires. The bikes wider wheels grant more stability but sacrifice a bit of speed and acceleration on open road.

The Mason 2 is somewhat limited with gear shifting, featuring a SRAM NX 1X11 shifter. If you care more about comfort and control, limited gear shifting won’t cause you any harm.

  • Excellent for mountain biking
  • Wide and comfortable tires
  • Sturdy and lightweight frame
  • Quality suspension
  • Easy to assemble

  • Expensive (considering the category)
  • Lacks speed
  • Not ideal for open roads

Verdict: The Mason 2 is built for the wilderness. It provides comfortable riding in extreme conditions and is an excellent control-oriented bike for people that seek stability and comfort.

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3. Mongoose Fireball – Best Aluminum Mountain Bike under 1500

The Mongoose mountain bike is a unique item. It is a dirt jump bike, ideal for people that want to jump high and breathe the air. When you come back to earth, you’ll land safely on double-wall 26-inch wheels supported by 26×2.35-inch tires.

Speaking of safety, we should point out that this bike also uses 160 mm thick brakes to allow instant braking. Add in that it uses a 100mm fork to negate gravity, and you’ve got yourself a sweet and comfortable ride.

As for speed, you have an 8-speed cassette paired with the 4X shifter for all-terrain adaptation. The keyword for this bike is balance, which it derives from an aluminum frame designed for dirt jumping and steel handlebars intended for control and power.

If you like dirt trails, this is the bike. Plus it has an aluminum frame, which increases the bike’s resistance and overall durability down the road. We should point out this bike was made predominantly for men, but we see no reason why women wouldn’t enjoy it.

  • Low-priced
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Excellent suspension/absorption
  • Provides comfortable riding experience

  • Limited gear-shifting options
  • Lacks speed (compared to others)
  • Not recommended for inexperienced cyclists

Verdict: Good for those that seek aluminum dirt jump bikes, especially for men. You can do a lot of crazy stunts and moves with this bike, which is why we recommend it to those that are passionate about cycling and mountain biking.

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4. Gravity Bullseye Monster – Best Fat Tire Aluminum Mountain Bike with Full Suspension

The Gravity Bullseye Monster mountain bike is robust, reliable, and desirable. You can get it in various sizes –14, 16,…22 inches and six different color combinations.

The bike has 21-inch wheels and uses 26 x 4.0 inch thick tires. Now, if you are looking for a low priced fat tire bike, you should definitely consider this one. It boasts disc brakes on both front and back and rests on a sturdy aluminum frame.

The beauty of its bike is its low price and fat tires. Riding this bike feels like gliding, and we definitely see how this bike can help in snowy or slippery conditions. The biggest problem is speed, which it lacks.

However, it is nice you can switch between 16 gears to adjust to each environment. You also have much less maneuverability with this bike, but that is the price you pay for smoothness and comfort.

  • Exceptionally comfortable riding
  • Perfect for kids and teenagers
  • Good in snowy and rainy conditions
  • Good in mud and dirt
  • Exceptionally high traction

  • Lacks speed
  • Lacks Maneuverability
  • Difficult to assemble/tune

Verdict: All those who seek a full suspension fat tire bike will enjoy this bike. If you seek more control, comfort, and stability, it’s time to switch to a fat tire bike such as the Gravity Bullseye Monster.

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5. BEIOU Hardtail Ultralight – Carbon Fiber Hardtail Mountain Bike under 1500

BEIOU mountain bikes (Hardtail and Hardtail Ultralight) are similar in many ways. This bike too is available in 15, 17, and 19 inches, and it also uses hidden disc brakes and a 30-speed system.

This one is made of carbon fiber and is ultra light, which gives cyclists a lot more freedom and speed. It features 26-inch wheels and a full suspension system to absorb low and medium jumps. This bike wasn’t built for heavy duty mountain biking, but it can take a few hits from a mountain.

We do have to commend the way this bike feels on the open road. Yes, we know it is a mountain bike! Still, it shifts gears smoothly, and it runs great on asphalt.

  • Easy to assemble
  • 30 gears
  • An excellent full suspension system
  • Balanced speed and control

  • Not built for wild riding
  • Limited control
  • Limited acceleration

Verdict: Think of this bike as an all-around bike. It has a good mixture of balance and speed, and it won’t leave you unsatisfied when it comes to quality parts and durability.

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6. Diamondback Overdrive – Top-Rated Mountain Bike under 1500 in 2019

The Overdrive is one of the best Diamondback mountain bikes ever produced. This bike is lightweight, sleek, and is carefully designed in a way that saves your wallet but doesn’t sacrifice performance.

You will, however, sacrifice a bit of comfort with this bike, primarily due to its uncomfortable seat. You can buy it in two sizes, 18” and 21″ and two color combinations. Why is this bike top rated? Because it is well under 1500, sturdy, boasts an excellent gear shifting system (salute to Shimano EF-510) and is suitable for various conditions.

If you are looking for a low cost but high-performance budget bike, try the Overdrive. Its speed will amaze you with its gear-shifting potential and all-surface supported suspension system.

  • Value for money (a steal actually!)
  • Modern and sleek design
  • Excellent shifting mechanism
  • Easy to assemble
  • Well-balanced

  • Value for money (a steal actually!)
  • Modern and sleek design
  • Excellent shifting mechanism
  • Easy to assemble
  • Well-balanced

Verdict: This bicycle is good for men, women, and kids. It is affordable, quality made, and a joy to ride on less demanding trails and the open road.

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7. Diamondback Line 24 – Best Lightweight 8-Speed Aluminum Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes

The Line 24 belongs to Diamondback’s mountain bike lineup. These bikes are known to be lightweight, easy to control, and comfortable. Its one size fits all aluminum frame is perfect for kids and shorter people.

It uses front fork suspension (SR Suntour XCT JR) to mitigate the impact of medium and high jumps and relies on 24-inch wheels. This bike comes with 2.35” thick Kendra tires that offer more balance and traction.

The Diamondback Line 24 uses an 8-speed system to accelerate and control the pace, and hydraulic disc brakes to slow and stop. Now, this is clearly a kid’s bike, so if you are looking for one under 1500, look no further!

  • Cost-effective
  • Perfect for kids
  • Safe and reliable
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Quality suspension

  • Lacks speed
  • Not that maneuverable
  • Handlebars might be too wide for some kids

Verdict: If you are looking for a kids bike, this is it. It is stable, drives fast (but not too fast), and is exceptionally comfortable. Perfect for kids, right?

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8. Raleigh Tokul 2 – 27.5-inch Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Tokul is one of the best Raleigh mountain bikes. You can buy it in virtually all sizes, which is why it is hard not to recommend this bike. It is built to be efficient and cost-effective, and we like to think they delivered.

This is an excellent cross-country bike, built for rocky and muddy trails. It isn’t as comfortable as some other more expensive options, but it does fly high and lands on the ground safely.

Last but not least, the Tokul’s full suspension and light aluminum frame ensure you drive safely and smoothly. Feel free to try some more extreme trails with this bicycle; it won’t disappoint you!

  • Available in various sizes
  • Sustains tough terrains
  • Quick and easy to handle
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable and sturdy frame

  • Lacks comfort
  • Mediocre in the speed department

Verdict: Raleigh Tokul 2 is one of the best hardtails for the money. It boasts everything a quality mountain bike needs without damaging your wallet.

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9. Diamondback Hook – Best Budget Mountain Bicycle with Aluminum Frame

Diamondback mountain bikes never disappoint, and their 2019 Hook mountain bike is proof of that. It features a modern and stylish low-slung aluminum frame which provides you with the balance you need on dirt trails.

It boasts 27.5-inch wheels, which are good for short and intense trails, as well as for long and calm drives. This bike is low and easy to maneuver, perfect for people that want high maneuverability in their bikes. Most importantly, it won’t cost you more than $1500.

This bike comes with 27.5 x 2.3″ tires that work well on virtually all surfaces. We wouldn’t bring this bike to extreme mountain trails due to its limited gear-shifting system.

  • Affordable and sturdy
  • Low and easy to maneuver
  • Lightweight and elastic aluminum frame
  • Bouncy (great suspension)
  • Available in all sizes

  • Limited gears
  • Reduced speed (for the sake of control)
  • Somewhat uncomfortable seat

Verdict: If you are looking for the best budget bicycle with an aluminum frame, try the Hook. The Hook will get you hooked rapidly and will enable to you to master short and long light/heavy trails.

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10. Gravity FSX One – Best Dual Suspension Aluminum Mountain Bike with 27 Speed

Last but not least is the Gravity FSX One, a bike with full suspension, a lightweight aluminum frame, and 27 speeds. This bike is available only in size 29, so make sure you are comfortable with it before your purchase.

It boasts suspension front and back, but you can lock the rear one for a hardtail setup. This bike uses powerful disc brakes, which is much needed for mountain biking.

We would also like to commend the use of the Shimano Deore 27 shifting system, as it makes gear-shifting on this bike smoother and easier. All in all, the Gravity FSX One is a great and affordable cross-country bike, one that is definitely worth trying.

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to assemble
  • Excellent gear-shifting mechanism
  • Exceptional dual suspension
  • Comfortable and easy to control

  • Not fit for all people
  • Not ideal for rocky tracks
  • Some components feel cheap

Verdict: The Gravity FSX One is cheap, versatile, and reliable. It is an ideal pick for those that want to shift gears as sweat slides down their faces on a dusty dirt trail.

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What to Know about Mountain Bike?

For this section, we’ve prepared two critical questions & answers. If you are a complete beginner to the world of mountain bikes, this section is for you.

How Much Does A Mountain Bike Weigh?

It depends. Various factors impact these measurements, including material, bike size, wheel size, brakes, shifters, and so forth. A modern mountain bike will weigh between 26 and 28 pounds.

Most people think weight plays a factor in riding, and they are correct, but only to some extent. You can read more about this here.

Which Mountain Bike Size Is For Me?

  • Truthfully, only you can determine that. You can rely on raw numbers, and measure your height with the bikes measurements and calculate an ideal distance for your hands and feet, but you’ll know if its the right size only when you start riding.


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What is the Best Mountain Bike under 1500?

best mountain bikeIt’s not an easy task finding the best mountain bike under 1500, but it is possible. With a bit of learning and reading, you can determine everything you need for this endeavor.

There is a reason why BEIOU Hardtail is or the first choice. It has 30 gears and the hydraulic brakes ensure even those that are entirely new to mountain bikes feel their energy and power but there are other viable options too.

The Diamondback Mason 2 with its elegant aluminum frame, the Gravity Bullseye Monster with its fat tires and traction, or the Diamondback Overdrive as the top-rated product selected by the community.

It is more important that you first determine your size and your ideal type of mountain bike. Then move on to the material, gears, and wheels, and only then on aesthetics and other factors. If you do that, we are certain that you’ll find the best bike for your needs!

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